Platelet Storage

CPT Technology enables the refrigeration of platelets in a hyperbaric xenon-saturated atmosphere. This innovative method of platelet storage extends the functional shelf-life of stored platelets from the current standard of five days to at least 14 days.

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Storage of Red Blood Cells

Combination of temperature and the introduction of a noble gas compound allows preservation of RBC membranes, preventing their lysis during long-term storage. Currently, RBCs can be stored for 42 days when refrigerated in bags plasticized with DEHP. Our technology enables RBC storage without DEHP or other plasticizers.

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Storage of Cell Cultures

CPT Technology enables convenient refrigerated storage of cell cultures without freezing.

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We are development stage medical technology company with a platform technology that preserves human cells and tissues.

CPT is committed to delivering innovative and reliable solutions to alleviate the tremendous strain on global supply of precious biological agents with potent therapeutic applications. Our novel storage technology allows healthcare institutions to effectively manage fluctuating demands for their services and provide the essential care that their patients require.

CPT has pioneered a revolutionary platelet storage system with the goal of transforming the way platelets are stored and distributed. Our technology will provide an effective solution to vastly improve the durability and availability of platelets by enabling longer storage and facilitating transportation over larger geographical distances.

This application is just one example of the many potential applications of CPT technology that will redefine the ability of hospitals and blood banks to provide critical therapeutic services to their patients. The company is also developing systems for the preservation of Red Blood Cells and cellular cultures.