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Platelet Storage

Our first product utilizes CPT’s proprietary method of platelet storage, in a hyperbaric xenon-saturated atmosphere, that extends the functional shelf life of stored platelets from the current standard of five days to at least 14 days.

Cellular Preservation Technologies has pioneered a revolutionary platelet storage system with the goal of transforming the way platelets are stored and distributed. Our technology will provide an effective solution to vastly improve the durability and availability of platelets by enabling longer storage and facilitating transportation over larger geographical distances.

Bone Marrow

The CPT platform will increase storage time resulting in improved viability and consistency, to enable better matching and reduce the risk of bacterial contamination.

Stem Cells

The CPT Stem Cell storage solution will improve cell viability and consistency, by extending storage times, resulting in enhanced clinical outcomes.

Red Blood Cells

CPT research has shown reduced hemolysis and the ability to eliminate potentially harmful plasticizers utilized in current storage bags.

Transplant Organs

The goal is to extend the shelf life and to potentially reduce ischemia and reperfusion injury.

Learn the Latest

The latest innovations, groundbreaking research and new, life-saving applications for our propriety platelet storage method can be found here.

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