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Cellular Storage for Life-Saving Applications

We are a development stage medical technology company with a platform technology that preserves human cells and tissues.

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Person holding blood sample in test tube
CPT is developing innovative and reliable solutions to improve the availability of precious biological agents with potent therapeutic applications.

Our initial product is a revolutionary platelet storage system which transforms the useful lifespan of platelets from five to fourteen days. Our technology provides an effective solution to vastly improve the durability of platelets, resulting in an increased supply, reduced waste and reduced risk of bacterial infection. A longer storage time also improves logistics and transportation over larger geographical distances.

This application is just one example of the multiple potential applications of CPT’s technology that will redefine the ability of hospitals and blood banks to provide critical therapeutic services to their patients. The company is also developing systems for the preservation of bone marrow, stem cells, red blood cells and transplant organs.




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