Publications: Platelets

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Publications: Platelets

Functionality of Chilled Platelets Stored under Hyperbaric Xenon
AABB Annual Meeting & CTTXPO, Denver, CO, October 12-15, 2013
Andrew P. Cap, Kristin Reddoch, Robbie Montgomery, Heather F. Pidcoke, Anand Ramasubramanian, Alexander Shumeev, Yana Filkina, Ilya Ilyin, Louise H. Herschel, Susan L. Waters, Larry J. Dumont

Functionality of chilled platelets

Storage of Refrigerated Platelets Under Hyperbaric Pressure of Xenon.
AABB Annual Meeting & TXPO, Boston, MA, October 6-9, 2012
Ilyin I., Shumeev A., Filkina Y., Enukashvily N., Ilyina N., Kogan S.

Storage of refrigerated platelets

A New Storage Method For Platelet Plasma.
AABB Annual Meeting & CTTXPO, San Diego, CA, October 22-25, 2011
Ilyin I., Shumeev A., Enukashvily N., Filkina Y., Owen W., Kogan S.

Platelet plasma storage method
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